ESG, Sustainability & CSR

Our ESG Goals

Our Commitment to Sustainability

With our sustainability strategy, 'Accelerating Sustainability', our goal is to instill a sense of urgency into our actions to propel environmental, societal and economic well-being for all our stakeholders.

100% Sustainable Cotton

We aspire to use 100% sustainable cotton by 2050.

Carbon Neutral

We aspire to be 20% carbon neutral by 2025.

Renewable Energy

We aspire to reduce energy and GHG in production by 30% by 2030.

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Committed to Education for All
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Employees lives impacted through ESG programs
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Lives Impacted with Healthcare
CSR in Education

Our Commitment to Education

Impacting 10,000+ lives through Education projects till now

Our projects and initiatives, which we carry out in partnership with local, private, and nongovernmental organizations, are intended to improve the overall quality of human capital through boosting skills and competencies.

We provide free educational materials and financial assistance to the students of Amar Jhoti Special school located at Gulshan Vatara. Through this initiative more than 125 especially abled children from the low-income community of Vatara are getting support.

  • We expended BDT 33,60,000 by providing food basket to 125+ families in 2023.
  • 125+ students got educational materials and Financial support in 2023.

We provide stipends to employees’ children who obtain Golden GPA-5 in SSC and HSC examination for the last couple of years. Through this program, 500,000 taka has been distributed and more than 30 people have received this stipend. 

  • BDT 3,00,000 have been distributed till now. 
  • 30+ employees’ children received this stipend.
CSR in Healthcare

Our Commitment to Healthcare

Impacting 30,000+ lives through medical projects till now

We create and use partnerships with institutions and non-governmental groups at the national and local levels to provide real solutions to the most vulnerable populations, including women and children. We approach all hazards to health with in-depth knowledge, effective planning, and innovative thinking.

Our health camps support the health of low-income community families. We have allocated two doctors, one nurses, and one medical assistants full time from our factory premises who are dedicated to providing free healthcare services to the community people and workers’ parents.

  • 20,000+ people have received medical support from this initiative.
  • 20+ female employees are getting special support during pregnancy per month.
  • 5 years Providing free healthcare and medical support to the community. 

We provide free sanitary napkins and iron tablets to all its female employees. This project aims to support and promote menstrual health and hygiene among the female employees, as well as to provide them with the necessary nutrients to maintain good health.

  • 1000+ female employees receive free sanitary napkins and iron tablets per month.

We have undertaken several community health initiatives, providing vital health services free of charge. These programs include tuberculosis (TB) testing, COVID-19 vaccination, blood grouping testing, eye screening camps, HBs-B vaccination, and flu vaccination.

  • 2000+ employees have benefitted from this 
  • 5,000 people from communities received healthcare support

Our provision of maternity leave is implemented as outlined in Section 4 of the Bangladesh Labor Act, 2006. In line with this legislation, we also ensure that our female employees are granted the legally mandated maternity leave duration of 16 weeks (or 112 calendar days).

  • 112 days maternity leaves for female employees
  • Free medical checkup during pregnancy
  • Extra time in lunch hour for pregnant employee
CSR in Disaster Response

Our Commitment to Disaster Response

Impacting 50,000+ lives through various projects for communities till now

We are at the forefront of numerous initiatives aimed at bettering the lives of the people in its neighborhood because of our strong commitment to corporate social responsibility.

We are actively engaged in various community development and disaster relief efforts over the years. As a socially responsible corporate entity,we take several initiatives to support the community in times of need.

  • 2000+ families in Pirojpur received support in 2022
  • 3000+ packets of relief distributed in Sunamganj flood affected area in 2022
CSR in Employee Wellbeing

Our Commitment to Employee Wellness

Impacting 20,000+ lives through various projects for people till now

EMS Apparels Limited, one of the leading RMG factories in Bangladesh, has been providing discounted monthly groceries to its employees through their Fair Shop for more than two years.

  • 25% discount during the holy month of Ramadan, Eid Ul-Fitr and Eid Ul-Adha.
  • 15% discount offers on necessary groceries throughout the year.
  • More than thirty lakhs subsidy provided in 2023.

We have been offering a daycare center for the children of its employees for the past five years. This center is available to employees who have children that are up to 6 years old. The center offers care for the children for the entire day.

  • Every year 10+ children got admitted into childcare center
  • After 2 years, company takes responsibility for better education
  • All the educational materials are provided for free
  • Received most Decorative & learning friendly childcare award by Aldi Einkansf & amp, Co. OHG

We implemented a skill development training program aimed at empowering its female employees. This program is specifically designed to help female assistant operators enhance their skills and knowledge, with the ultimate goal of promoting them to operator positions within the company

  • 300+ female employees participated in the training
  • 15-20 employees get promoted to operator from assistant operator Every month  

We routinely provide various training programs to address issues related to harassment, discrimination, and gender sensitization.

  • 1000+ employees received training 
  • 550+ hours of training organized


Our national and international standard recognitions and certifications further help us maintain the best of quality in our relentless pursuit of providing only the best in product and services.