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A One-Stop Textile Manufacturing Solution

EMS Apparels, a subsidiary of EMS Apparels, opened its doors in 2017. Located about 40 minutes’ drive to the production premise at Barenda, Kashimpur, Gazipur, we are currently one of the leading environmentally conscious LEED Platinum certified knitwear and garments accessories manufacturers in Bangladesh with operations worldwide.

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Designing better Wears

EMS Apparels has a well equipped Sample Room manned with top of the line tailoring masters in the industry.

With the sample making capacity of 500 pieces daily, it enables us to produce and reproduce exact samples practically in the earliest possible time. This helps us offer shorter lead times and ensure you meet your production timeline and targets.

Automation and MIS Management

We use state-of-the-art automated systems to monitor the production, inventory, quality, delivery, HR and technology status on target. It applies an extremely sophisticated ERP solution which allows us to survey real time data as well as reduce paper use and resources.

EMS Apparels maintains a high speed Earth-net Lao1 Area Network to connect its employees’ PCs with several servers accessible round the clock through high speed Broadband Connectivity.

Sustainable Power Source and Policy

Within the factory premises, we strive to fuel ourselves with 100% renewable energy. Our 150 kWp rooftop solar power system produces 553 MWh of clean and green energy annually and offsets 9,580 metric tons of carbon emission, almost 40 lac gallons of gasoline and 21,000 barrels of oil used and 5,618,949 pounds of coal burned over a 20 years period.

To meet our needs, we also have a two-generator power sub-station capable of producing 1625 KVA to guarantee smooth and uninterrupted power supply to its every operation on the site. We are powered by a fuel generator, with backup sets of diesel-operated generators, capable of producing more than 1.3 MV of uninterrupted power.


Our Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is an essential facility that treats wastewater to remove contaminants before releasing it into the environment. Through physical, chemical, and biological processes, our STP purifies sewage, making it safe for disposal or reuse. 

Water comes first into Homogeneous tank from the safety tank. Then primary setting tank water is lifted from Homogeneous tank by auto pumper and chemical dozing with water. Water overflows from the primary setting tank to the aeration tank then to the post aeration tank. and finally to the final setting tank. From the final setting tank with the help of feed pump the water is purified by the activated carbon filter through the soften filter and the water is kept in the storage tank by UV tube from the citrine filter.

Factory Utilities & Technology

We are powered by fuel generators with backup sets of diesel operated generator to produce more than 1.3 MW of uninterrupted electricity.

The 3 Ton per hour incineration Boiler of South Korea produces extra steam recovering and reusing incineration generator’s exhaust heat. It saves 75 cubic meters of gas per hour.


Our national and international standard recognitions and certifications further help us maintain the best of quality in our relentless pursuit of providing only the best in product and services.

Our Clients

Trusted by Clients all over the World

EMS Apparels has a strong B2B network, where our products reach shelves of the biggest retail chains in the world.