Meet Saima Akter Chaity: Story of Hope

“In the pursuit of compliance, we don’t just follow the rules; we embrace them” – Saima Akter Chaity, Executive, Compliance, Multifabs Limited

Chaity Rahman had a dream: to create a culture of compliance and ethics in the Bangladesh Ready-Made Garments (RMG) industry.

Her journey began in the vibrant city of Dhaka, where she studied Business Ethics and Corporate Governance at college. She was fascinated by the idea of building a workplace that operated with honesty, where rules were not just obeyed, but valued.

After graduating, Chaity joined Multifabs Limited, a leading company in the Bangladesh RMG sector, renowned for its dedication to compliance and ethical business practices. It was here that Chaity found the opportunity she needed to make her dream come true.

Working her way up from the ground level, Chaity learned everything she could about compliance. She devoted countless hours to studying international and national regulations, perfecting the skill of ensuring every aspect was covered. Her meticulous attention to detail soon set her apart, earning her the confidence and admiration of colleagues and superiors alike.

In her role, Chaity launched initiatives that went beyond standard compliance practices. She established training programs for employees.

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